Things They Should Teach Graduating Students

This thought just came across my mind. Being a graduating college student, i have some friends living in the Philippines by themselves and they usually tell me about their problems there without their parents, and she told me how hard it was to pay the bills (she was living with her friend who also didn’t know how to pay their electric and water bills, ended them up with a day with no light and water) and it just came to mind that there are a couple of things teacher’s don’t actually tell us or inform us about independent life after school.

Afew of are how to:
1) pay for the bills
2) actually buy a house
3) buy a car
4) apply for credit cards
5) manage around the airport (am still confused how the luggage giving-passport checking-waiting-boarding sequence go)
6) self-defense (in case of hold-up or other emergencies)
7) fixing cars
8) renewing passports
9) buying tickets and booking
10) grocery (ok, i know how to buy groceries. Just not sure how to pick the right things and all)
11) cooking (they should teach us to cook, so that we won’t be too “mommy dependent” when we’re on our own)

And, to think that there are a few repeating subjects that, sure would be good if we actually joined a quiz show asking us about those subjects, but some things i’m getting tired of learning that i might not actually use after school.

A few of those are

1) history
-ok, i know its cool to know who died for your country, or who forced it to come crashing down in corruption. But to repeat it more than once is not very interesting anymore. I mean, its not like some guard would ask me “who is the 12th president of the philippines” for me to enter a mall, right?

2) advanced algebra
-seriously? My course has nothing to do with mathematics and i’ve been learning this since high school. How am i supposed to use the foil method or mathematical induction in real life? Sure, basic algebra is still useful to know how much the broken gas meter over priced the gas, or how much the dumb cashier over paid me with. But, when am i going to use how to graph linear equations? Choosing which route i’d take?

3) physics
-ok, so how does gravity, the speed of light, and direction of heat flow become useful in life aside as an ice breaker if your trying the whole “professor” persona to pick up girls?

4) TLE: how to braid girls hair, cross stitch, and polish my nails
-as a girl, this would be useful. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem useful for guys until after marriage, and if they have a daughter. IF.

And lastly,

5) geography
-what the heck do i care about other countries anyway?

Dats all :p


Bad Days :(

I know how some days things just don’t go your way: bad days.

Those days where you wish that you could just crawl back into bed, and fall asleep, and skip to the next day like they do in The Sims.

I know everyone has had one or two of these in our life. The days where things you want to happen don’t, and your brain acts like its a potato processor, crashing every now and then and needing a restart. How everything you do turns out wrong, and people get mad at you for just being in a certain place at a certain time. Those days that all your jobs are being done by others, leaving you some free time doing nothing cause you have this free time in your schedule in your mind. How every person you talk to seems to avoid you, or doesn’t want to talk to you and all. And when you need someone to talk to, they’re busy..

Sadly, today is just one of those days. I knew from the moment i woke up things weren’t going to go well today since just as i woke up, i banged my toe on the edge of my bed, then my parents seem to get mad at every thing they tell me to do, and i keep getting into fights with my siblings. I don’t know if there’s something that happened that i don’t know of, or my brain is on the fritz again, or its just really a bad day today for me. :/

I really hope that tomorrow would be different. Really hope so…

What’s the deal with M.U.(mutual understanding)?

Ok, i just noticed today that most of my friends or people i know is getting into this so called “M.U” and i’m just wondering why? What’s so great about it anyway? Its just a “i like you and you like me back” situatuion.

Ok, for those who are not familiar with this, but MU is a kind of relationship when the girl or boy confesses to their romantic interest, and they confess as well that they feel the same way. When this happens, they go off and telling people that they’re in a MU relationship.
But, let me just clear this. Its a simple relationship without trust, commitment, and that comes with a relationship aside from the ones stated above.

For me, i think this is a stupid idea, and i’d kill whoever thought of the entire concept in the first place. When i was still in high school, sure that MU existed, but back then, we treated it as a “should i answer him and let him take me out, and risk it all or say no” period after the confession where the two barely talk, the girl thinks well of her choice, and the guy prepares for the worse. Seriously, i liked it better that way than now. Why? Mainly because i feel the whole MU thing is like some sort of safety eject button system that allows the the couple to be all sweet and all, but the power to do the same to others. Its like an open relationship; we’re together, but we’re not just sleeping with her/him.

Ok, to admit, i have never been in this situation before, but i have been in a relationship before, and i find it quite lame. If you love him/her and are ready for a relationship, make it one. If not, let him know, but let it be just that. Don’t flirt, don’t act sweet, don’t let the guy hope that with patience, he’ll get something out of you.


But, then again, the people i see are of a different age and generation from us. I forgot that there are different norms for different generations. But, still, its sad to see how the next generation seems a bit too eager to get into relationships, when it really isn’t just a small thing; its a big deal and takes a lot of effort to keep.

I guess they’ll have to learn that the hard way :/

If i were selected “tribute” in the hunger games


Ok, i know, Hunger games has been out for quite some time now, but i’ve decided to make a post anyway.

Well, mainly because just the other day, Me, mom, and my two siblings sat together to have a late night movie viewing, and the movie we watched was (obviously) “The hunger games”

Its already my 3rd time watching it, but still excited me just the same as the first. Then, just as Katnis comes out of “the tube”, my sis asked me: “what would happen if you were in the hunger games?”

At first, i doubt it, thinking I’m sure i’d die at the first minutes of the game. But, if i was said by my mentor “don’t rush in to get supplies. Its going to be a blood bath in there” i think i’ll be fine.

I guess, first off, i’ll charge for one of the basic equipment bags, trying my best to stay alive. I don’t think i would go for any weapons, for i am not confident i can use any (kind of like Peeta). If i survive, i go and hide, hoping no one would find me, or get killed.

If anyone does try, i will try to defend myself, killing them if necessary. I don’t think i would end up teaming up, in fear of getting back-stabbed. And, if ever i survive(which is much unlikely) and live until the finalè, then i probably would be mauled to death by the death hounds.

Luckily, i don’t live in Panem(which sounds better of as a pastry brand) and not in a dystopia society such as that.

Top 10 tips for newbie writers

Writing: can be both a pleasure and a job at times

You open a book, and find such great stories are available in bookstores and all over the internet, and you think to yourself “Why can’t i do that too?”

Writing, like most other skills, can be either inborn or learned. And, i know, that most of us aren’t a J.K Rowling or a Dan Brown right away, or would get publish their first novel as a Bestseller. Most of us start small, writing short stories or poems, or actually trying to write and finish your first novel.

Believe me, i started out like that, and i’m still trying to earn my place among thousands of writers worldwide. And, with my experiences, here are some tips for writers-to-be when making a novel.

10) Start with an idea
-Every novel out there started with a “Why can’t i write about….”. Great novels are a mixture of good writing and great ideas. But, of course, you can’t write about someone or something when your not even sure what you’re writing about. So, if you want to start your novel, take a moment to think. Get a book, or open a new word document, and write down your ideas you want to turn into a story. It could be a “lost love reignited” story, or a “fate of the world rests upon the hands of one person” story, “after the end of the world”, or even “i’m going to find you, hunt you down, and kill you” story. It could be anything you want it to be: your novel’s outcome is in your hands

9) Plan ahead
Sure, rushing into writing can be helpful for beginners, but its like running into a woods that you are new with; your sooner or latter going to be lost. So, ok, you’ve got your story idea, now the question is “what’s going to happen?”
There are many ways to do this.

My technique, is to write down the main turning points in the story(ex. The main char. find he’s a demi-god, his long time crush likes him back, her lost love turns out to be her next door neighbor, etc).
Another is to write a branch system, where the story changes with every possible choice available.
There are a lot of them, and i can’t put it all in this post. More onto that next time.

8)Get to know your characters
In every story, the writer tends to become the “God” of the stories’ universe. They have absolute control on how the story goes(not unless you are co-writing, then the power is shared). But, being God, you should at least know who your dealing with. Get to know your main Characters; why are they like the way they are, why do they make the choices they do, and who are their friends, etc.
Make sure though your characters are believable. A great story is also one that people can believe can/might happen. Don’t write a shy and timid person with a ton of friends, and is incredibly friendly, not unless of course, there’s a reason for him/her being that way.

7) Don’t be intimidated, just write
One of the main reasons of writers block is the fact your thinking if people might even read your story. Like i said before, not every story is guaranteed to be a bestseller right away. Practice makes perfect.

So, just write what you can, what you want, then edit, polish, and present

6) Ask for Critiquing
Of course, sometimes we might not know if others will like our stories unless we actually ask them. Don’t be afraid to let your trusted friends and family to read your work, and ask them what’s they like and not about it. You can even go online to sites like Wattpad, where there are a lot of friendly editors that would love to check out your work, and give you some good and bad comments. Just, don’t be that offended if they say it isn’t good. Just, change it a bit, and try again.

5) Don’t overdo it
You need to know just when your story is good enough. Some people don’t want an overly long story, or an overly exaggerated story. Don’t put fight scenes that could tear up the fate of the universe when your fighters are weak, or ordinary humans. Be reasonable.

4) Don’t get lost in your stories, and forget about your story

Sure, at times we may be tempted to just keep writing and stay in that world forever. Don’t! It’s a trap! remember, you still have life. Don’t forget to live it.

3)Don’t be afraid to try something new
Don’t be drawn into the whole “mainstream” concept. Great novels are usually unique, new, fresh, never been done before. For that, you need to take a risk sometimes. I mean, who would have thought sparkling vampires, modern demigods, or a fight to the death show could make it out as top selling novels that made it to the big screen?

Remember, don’t be afraid of making your own variants. Don’t be afraid to make vampires weak, zombies human-like, or the apocalyptic world an entirely new world. Its all up to you.

2) Have fun writing
Writing has its own downs and ups, but you have to remember to always look on the bright side, and always dreaming till your reach the top, and the most important one;

1)Never give up
There are around thousands of writers, and a thousand more novels made. Some became well known, some forgotten, some even underestimated. Sure, many of us never make it as a best-seller, but who said you can’t be the next one? Who said you can’t beat he harry potter series in books sold? Who said you can’t make your book the next best movie?

No one, actually. And if anyone did, don’t believe them. They don’t know what you can do, or become.

So, just keep writing, keep trying, and soon, you’ll make it there.

Confessions….the sweetness of it all


Oh confessions, the bitter sweet feeling when a person finally manages to sum up the courage to tell that special someone of theirs how much they mean to them.

Sure, to most people, its not something much for some people who can win a girl/guy’s heart easily, or some others that the person just falls for them without even trying. But, there are some people that isn’t that lucky, and some are way too scared to even make contact with the opposite sex. But, then again, that’s where most of us fall in.

Admit it, not every guy is a playboy, nor every girl is a slut that can play with a guy. Most of us are simply inexperienced, or just trying to get lucky with love. But, for me, the sweetest thing for these people is the confession.

Sure, its not guaranteed a guy/girl will reciprocate their feelings. But, the sweetest part of it is that they simply want “to let them know”. That they take on the fact that the person they like won’t feel the same, and yet they chose to tell them other wise. The bitter part of it all though, is that some people tend to deny it completely, which is somewhat painful for the person.

In the end, it all comes to how a person sees the situation. Some think its a waste of time if they won’t reciprocate, while others think of it as an achievement itself to let them know.

But, for me, being a hopeless romantic, its quite sweet to watch it in action

To my good friend Salman, good job 🙂

At the End of the School Year….

Just awhile ago, we had just finished the last set of hardships for the school year: Our finals. So far, i haven’t received any of my test results, but i am quite confident i passed. But, the thing that felt like a big burden to me, was the fact that some of my closest friends will be leaving by next year.

I know, saying goodbye is never easy for anyone. Whether its a friend, a family member, or a lover, it never is easy to say the words “good bye”. We humans, as social beings, are known to develop these so called “Bonds”. Trust, attachment, feelings, and memories are all kept into these bonds, and the more of these present, the stronger the bond. This is the reason why some friends are still friends even after a couple of years of absence. But, you can’t help but feel sad at the fact that someone you’re used to seeing everyday will no longer be there.

I too, experienced this before, and again now. When a close friend of mine would probably be leaving me; someone i’m used to being with almost everyday of my life. Who have solved some of my problems, and asked my help to fix hers. The rebelliousness we both had knowing that neither of our fried groups accepted us in it, and we decided to go away from them. The way she seemed to always be there, and i always be there just the same.

And now, i’ve heard she’ll be leaving, along with a few other friends i have created these so called “bonds” with. It would really be hard to get used to the fact that they are no longer here anymore. But, i would never forget the times we’ve shared together, the arguements, and the lessons they’ve taught. The changes they made us do, and the mistakes we’ve done to each other.

It would just be a big change for me, knowing that they aren’t there anymore. But, then again, there were a lot of other people who have left our lives. Everyone has their entrances and exits in our story called Life. They enter, change us, then leave once they’re done. Its just how things go.

“Don’t worry, we’ll meet again. Its a small world. And, i’m sure we will one day, by a chance of faith, bump into each other again. So, lets not say goodbye, let’s say “see you soon”. Because, i’m sure we will one day, just you see.”