Too much work to do, not enough time

What’s the main problem for most people my age? Simple. Not enough time

Teens nowadays who actually care about some things have quite alot to do, and realizing that their time as students is limited, there are a lot of things they want to do. But, then again, why is this?

For me, my main problem is that time goes way too fast, and i have trouble juggling the ‘what i want to do’ and the ‘what i need to do’. I don’t really know why, but i guess its just my personality to want what i can’t have, and what i don’t have….i have a list.

One, i want to be a better artist, a better guitarist, better dancer, and a lot more. I don’t really know just how to fit them all in my schedule, since i focus a lot more on my chores and studies.

And, yet, i wonder how people actually live their every day lives playing online games with friends, or spending two, three, even four hours chatting with their special someone. I don’t know why people even do this? sure, it would give them a moment of happiness, but what would they get  a few years from now? A sick and tired of playing with game, and an ex girlfriend that just wished you have never met in the first place. But, i want something else. Something i can use even after i get out from college.

to get girls by getting better at serenading with the guitar?

to show off my drawings online?

to become a famous writer like J.K Rowling?

or just because.

Well, its my life. There are a lot i want to do before i reach the end. I can just play games in my free time, and my love life can wait.


Like the song from one direction like my sister likes to listen to, we should “live while we’re young!”



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