Prom night…memories of my past

This afternoon, at my school, they held their general rehearsal for their prom. I watched some of my friends in high school, as they walk the stage in their high heels, holding their partner’s nervous hands, as they practiced that dance they have been practicing all week long. And, what surprised me, was that i actually missed my high school prom, even though i wasn’t that excited then.

I could still remember it: The bright headlights, my nervous feeling holding the hand of my partner, wearing a dazzling blue dress, seeing her flowing hair for the first time (since she had been wearing a tarha up until now), and being extra careful not to step on her long dress.  I wearing a suit like a boss, being a little annoyed due to the lack of shoulder movement. Me and my friends realizing just how beautiful our girl classmates have become, and enjoying the view because it won’t last long.

yes, i know, for a guy, i’m quite sentimental. Even if i wasn’t that happy that day, an the only fun thing that happened was i got to enjoy a slow dance with my crush, i didn’t expect i’d miss that day. 

Strange how nostalgia can come to me at times. It made me smile. I miss those days….