At the End of the School Year….

Just awhile ago, we had just finished the last set of hardships for the school year: Our finals. So far, i haven’t received any of my test results, but i am quite confident i passed. But, the thing that felt like a big burden to me, was the fact that some of my closest friends will be leaving by next year.

I know, saying goodbye is never easy for anyone. Whether its a friend, a family member, or a lover, it never is easy to say the words “good bye”. We humans, as social beings, are known to develop these so called “Bonds”. Trust, attachment, feelings, and memories are all kept into these bonds, and the more of these present, the stronger the bond. This is the reason why some friends are still friends even after a couple of years of absence. But, you can’t help but feel sad at the fact that someone you’re used to seeing everyday will no longer be there.

I too, experienced this before, and again now. When a close friend of mine would probably be leaving me; someone i’m used to being with almost everyday of my life. Who have solved some of my problems, and asked my help to fix hers. The rebelliousness we both had knowing that neither of our fried groups accepted us in it, and we decided to go away from them. The way she seemed to always be there, and i always be there just the same.

And now, i’ve heard she’ll be leaving, along with a few other friends i have created these so called “bonds” with. It would really be hard to get used to the fact that they are no longer here anymore. But, i would never forget the times we’ve shared together, the arguements, and the lessons they’ve taught. The changes they made us do, and the mistakes we’ve done to each other.

It would just be a big change for me, knowing that they aren’t there anymore. But, then again, there were a lot of other people who have left our lives. Everyone has their entrances and exits in our story called Life. They enter, change us, then leave once they’re done. Its just how things go.

“Don’t worry, we’ll meet again. Its a small world. And, i’m sure we will one day, by a chance of faith, bump into each other again. So, lets not say goodbye, let’s say “see you soon”. Because, i’m sure we will one day, just you see.”