Top 10 tips for newbie writers

Writing: can be both a pleasure and a job at times

You open a book, and find such great stories are available in bookstores and all over the internet, and you think to yourself “Why can’t i do that too?”

Writing, like most other skills, can be either inborn or learned. And, i know, that most of us aren’t a J.K Rowling or a Dan Brown right away, or would get publish their first novel as a Bestseller. Most of us start small, writing short stories or poems, or actually trying to write and finish your first novel.

Believe me, i started out like that, and i’m still trying to earn my place among thousands of writers worldwide. And, with my experiences, here are some tips for writers-to-be when making a novel.

10) Start with an idea
-Every novel out there started with a “Why can’t i write about….”. Great novels are a mixture of good writing and great ideas. But, of course, you can’t write about someone or something when your not even sure what you’re writing about. So, if you want to start your novel, take a moment to think. Get a book, or open a new word document, and write down your ideas you want to turn into a story. It could be a “lost love reignited” story, or a “fate of the world rests upon the hands of one person” story, “after the end of the world”, or even “i’m going to find you, hunt you down, and kill you” story. It could be anything you want it to be: your novel’s outcome is in your hands

9) Plan ahead
Sure, rushing into writing can be helpful for beginners, but its like running into a woods that you are new with; your sooner or latter going to be lost. So, ok, you’ve got your story idea, now the question is “what’s going to happen?”
There are many ways to do this.

My technique, is to write down the main turning points in the story(ex. The main char. find he’s a demi-god, his long time crush likes him back, her lost love turns out to be her next door neighbor, etc).
Another is to write a branch system, where the story changes with every possible choice available.
There are a lot of them, and i can’t put it all in this post. More onto that next time.

8)Get to know your characters
In every story, the writer tends to become the “God” of the stories’ universe. They have absolute control on how the story goes(not unless you are co-writing, then the power is shared). But, being God, you should at least know who your dealing with. Get to know your main Characters; why are they like the way they are, why do they make the choices they do, and who are their friends, etc.
Make sure though your characters are believable. A great story is also one that people can believe can/might happen. Don’t write a shy and timid person with a ton of friends, and is incredibly friendly, not unless of course, there’s a reason for him/her being that way.

7) Don’t be intimidated, just write
One of the main reasons of writers block is the fact your thinking if people might even read your story. Like i said before, not every story is guaranteed to be a bestseller right away. Practice makes perfect.

So, just write what you can, what you want, then edit, polish, and present

6) Ask for Critiquing
Of course, sometimes we might not know if others will like our stories unless we actually ask them. Don’t be afraid to let your trusted friends and family to read your work, and ask them what’s they like and not about it. You can even go online to sites like Wattpad, where there are a lot of friendly editors that would love to check out your work, and give you some good and bad comments. Just, don’t be that offended if they say it isn’t good. Just, change it a bit, and try again.

5) Don’t overdo it
You need to know just when your story is good enough. Some people don’t want an overly long story, or an overly exaggerated story. Don’t put fight scenes that could tear up the fate of the universe when your fighters are weak, or ordinary humans. Be reasonable.

4) Don’t get lost in your stories, and forget about your story

Sure, at times we may be tempted to just keep writing and stay in that world forever. Don’t! It’s a trap! remember, you still have life. Don’t forget to live it.

3)Don’t be afraid to try something new
Don’t be drawn into the whole “mainstream” concept. Great novels are usually unique, new, fresh, never been done before. For that, you need to take a risk sometimes. I mean, who would have thought sparkling vampires, modern demigods, or a fight to the death show could make it out as top selling novels that made it to the big screen?

Remember, don’t be afraid of making your own variants. Don’t be afraid to make vampires weak, zombies human-like, or the apocalyptic world an entirely new world. Its all up to you.

2) Have fun writing
Writing has its own downs and ups, but you have to remember to always look on the bright side, and always dreaming till your reach the top, and the most important one;

1)Never give up
There are around thousands of writers, and a thousand more novels made. Some became well known, some forgotten, some even underestimated. Sure, many of us never make it as a best-seller, but who said you can’t be the next one? Who said you can’t beat he harry potter series in books sold? Who said you can’t make your book the next best movie?

No one, actually. And if anyone did, don’t believe them. They don’t know what you can do, or become.

So, just keep writing, keep trying, and soon, you’ll make it there.


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