If i were selected “tribute” in the hunger games


Ok, i know, Hunger games has been out for quite some time now, but i’ve decided to make a post anyway.

Well, mainly because just the other day, Me, mom, and my two siblings sat together to have a late night movie viewing, and the movie we watched was (obviously) “The hunger games”

Its already my 3rd time watching it, but still excited me just the same as the first. Then, just as Katnis comes out of “the tube”, my sis asked me: “what would happen if you were in the hunger games?”

At first, i doubt it, thinking I’m sure i’d die at the first minutes of the game. But, if i was said by my mentor “don’t rush in to get supplies. Its going to be a blood bath in there” i think i’ll be fine.

I guess, first off, i’ll charge for one of the basic equipment bags, trying my best to stay alive. I don’t think i would go for any weapons, for i am not confident i can use any (kind of like Peeta). If i survive, i go and hide, hoping no one would find me, or get killed.

If anyone does try, i will try to defend myself, killing them if necessary. I don’t think i would end up teaming up, in fear of getting back-stabbed. And, if ever i survive(which is much unlikely) and live until the finalè, then i probably would be mauled to death by the death hounds.

Luckily, i don’t live in Panem(which sounds better of as a pastry brand) and not in a dystopia society such as that.