What’s the deal with M.U.(mutual understanding)?

Ok, i just noticed today that most of my friends or people i know is getting into this so called “M.U” and i’m just wondering why? What’s so great about it anyway? Its just a “i like you and you like me back” situatuion.

Ok, for those who are not familiar with this, but MU is a kind of relationship when the girl or boy confesses to their romantic interest, and they confess as well that they feel the same way. When this happens, they go off and telling people that they’re in a MU relationship.
But, let me just clear this. Its a simple relationship without trust, commitment, and that comes with a relationship aside from the ones stated above.

For me, i think this is a stupid idea, and i’d kill whoever thought of the entire concept in the first place. When i was still in high school, sure that MU existed, but back then, we treated it as a “should i answer him and let him take me out, and risk it all or say no” period after the confession where the two barely talk, the girl thinks well of her choice, and the guy prepares for the worse. Seriously, i liked it better that way than now. Why? Mainly because i feel the whole MU thing is like some sort of safety eject button system that allows the the couple to be all sweet and all, but the power to do the same to others. Its like an open relationship; we’re together, but we’re not just sleeping with her/him.

Ok, to admit, i have never been in this situation before, but i have been in a relationship before, and i find it quite lame. If you love him/her and are ready for a relationship, make it one. If not, let him know, but let it be just that. Don’t flirt, don’t act sweet, don’t let the guy hope that with patience, he’ll get something out of you.


But, then again, the people i see are of a different age and generation from us. I forgot that there are different norms for different generations. But, still, its sad to see how the next generation seems a bit too eager to get into relationships, when it really isn’t just a small thing; its a big deal and takes a lot of effort to keep.

I guess they’ll have to learn that the hard way :/