Things They Should Teach Graduating Students

This thought just came across my mind. Being a graduating college student, i have some friends living in the Philippines by themselves and they usually tell me about their problems there without their parents, and she told me how hard it was to pay the bills (she was living with her friend who also didn’t know how to pay their electric and water bills, ended them up with a day with no light and water) and it just came to mind that there are a couple of things teacher’s don’t actually tell us or inform us about independent life after school.

Afew of are how to:
1) pay for the bills
2) actually buy a house
3) buy a car
4) apply for credit cards
5) manage around the airport (am still confused how the luggage giving-passport checking-waiting-boarding sequence go)
6) self-defense (in case of hold-up or other emergencies)
7) fixing cars
8) renewing passports
9) buying tickets and booking
10) grocery (ok, i know how to buy groceries. Just not sure how to pick the right things and all)
11) cooking (they should teach us to cook, so that we won’t be too “mommy dependent” when we’re on our own)

And, to think that there are a few repeating subjects that, sure would be good if we actually joined a quiz show asking us about those subjects, but some things i’m getting tired of learning that i might not actually use after school.

A few of those are

1) history
-ok, i know its cool to know who died for your country, or who forced it to come crashing down in corruption. But to repeat it more than once is not very interesting anymore. I mean, its not like some guard would ask me “who is the 12th president of the philippines” for me to enter a mall, right?

2) advanced algebra
-seriously? My course has nothing to do with mathematics and i’ve been learning this since high school. How am i supposed to use the foil method or mathematical induction in real life? Sure, basic algebra is still useful to know how much the broken gas meter over priced the gas, or how much the dumb cashier over paid me with. But, when am i going to use how to graph linear equations? Choosing which route i’d take?

3) physics
-ok, so how does gravity, the speed of light, and direction of heat flow become useful in life aside as an ice breaker if your trying the whole “professor” persona to pick up girls?

4) TLE: how to braid girls hair, cross stitch, and polish my nails
-as a girl, this would be useful. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem useful for guys until after marriage, and if they have a daughter. IF.

And lastly,

5) geography
-what the heck do i care about other countries anyway?

Dats all :p