My Stories

Hey there! Aside from writing this blog, i also write other stuff. And those stuff being novels. Yes, i am a writer. Not a very confident writer, and an amateur who just writes on Wattpad. Why? well, cause i have a creative imagination and i just love to do it ^_^


My works:

Wattpad Interviews

There was a time when i too got curious on these so called interviews that i tried them myself. Well…this is what is left of that time


Pink rose (incomplete)

It all started with a girl, a girl whose life for her is black and white. Feeling that school life should be more about studying and less than friends. She feels like a shadow, only appears when needed. But, one day, a unexpected encounter made her change her life for the better….

Witch Hunters


Witch Hunters

Sworn enemies of humans.
For so long in hiding, they suddenly waged war upon humans, lowering the total population down to 70%
For 10 years, humans had no chance against these monsters, now have created the technology to be able to hurt and possibly kill these witches. And, the few who are capable of using these so called weapons are called “Witch Hunters”


The Ones Called Psyche

Feb.19,2029. The day a mysterious, phenomenon called “The Red Night” occurred. For a few hours, the entire atmosphere turned red.No one predicted it, nor could explain what or why it happened. But, beyond the public’s knowing, the government had discovered something else….


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