Prom night…memories of my past

This afternoon, at my school, they held their general rehearsal for their prom. I watched some of my friends in high school, as they walk the stage in their high heels, holding their partner’s nervous hands, as they practiced that dance they have been practicing all week long. And, what surprised me, was that i actually missed my high school prom, even though i wasn’t that excited then.

I could still remember it: The bright headlights, my nervous feeling holding the hand of my partner, wearing a dazzling blue dress, seeing her flowing hair for the first time (since she had been wearing a tarha up until now), and being extra careful not to step on her long dress.  I wearing a suit like a boss, being a little annoyed due to the lack of shoulder movement. Me and my friends realizing just how beautiful our girl classmates have become, and enjoying the view because it won’t last long.

yes, i know, for a guy, i’m quite sentimental. Even if i wasn’t that happy that day, an the only fun thing that happened was i got to enjoy a slow dance with my crush, i didn’t expect i’d miss that day. 

Strange how nostalgia can come to me at times. It made me smile. I miss those days….


What’s sex doing with comedy movies nowadays?

Last night, our family and I watched one of the newest movies nowadays “that’s my boy”. Since it was our family movie night, my parents and I, along with my 8-year-old brother and 14 year old sister watched with us. It was the latest movie of Adam Sandler, so we expected it to be another one of those humorous slapstick movies. But, right at the first scene, we had to take our brother out of the room, and changed the movie. Why? because right at the start, it showed a scene of a horny teacher wanting to have sex with her student. My first opinion was “what the heck?”

The following scenes after that showed even more sexual content. From a horny grandma, to a scene that implies Viagra  and other stuff I don’t want to talk about on my blog, then again: “What the heck Adam Sandler?”

Ok, I know it’s mean. But I was just used to him making great movies that could be watched by the entire family, and not by a lonely man with nothing to do on a weekend night.

So, we decided to watch something else that night, but I felt hardly insulted by that.

A few days later, I got bored one day, and I decided to watch another movie (alone this time). It was from one of my favorite comedy actors: Will Ferrel. “The Campaign”

At first, I found it nice, another great movie to watch, until they showed a very indecent scene. Then, another, where he used words that aren’t suitable for young audiences.

And before I actually got to enjoy the comedy of it all, I stopped watching it and decided to watch something else.

Seriously, what has happened to movies nowadays? I mean, comedy movies before like “Bruce Almighty” or “The Truman Show” or even “The Hottie and the Nottie”. All three were great movies, all with humorous lines, but also touching stories. But, they didn’t contain sex. They were famous during their time, but they didn’t do anything sexual (well, except Bruce Almighty, but it was very indirect).All had heart-warming romances, without sex.

Seriously, what’s wrong with the media nowadays? Why does most songs nowadays always have to do with sex as if its the greatest thing in the world, or movies showing that men are sex addicts, or even erotic books that circle more or less about sex. And yet they complain about the world being over populated, and that teen sex was becoming rampant, when they themselves create the things that would tempt these people into doing it.

Sex isn’t everything. And nowadays, they think that love always has to have sex in it. That, women can control the world.

Seriously, i know sex sells and all, but they don’t have to overuse it. I hope that the world would not make it such a big deal because yes, it may feel good…

Let’s remember that, there’s more to it, and life has a lot more to offer than just that.

Too much work to do, not enough time

What’s the main problem for most people my age? Simple. Not enough time

Teens nowadays who actually care about some things have quite alot to do, and realizing that their time as students is limited, there are a lot of things they want to do. But, then again, why is this?

For me, my main problem is that time goes way too fast, and i have trouble juggling the ‘what i want to do’ and the ‘what i need to do’. I don’t really know why, but i guess its just my personality to want what i can’t have, and what i don’t have….i have a list.

One, i want to be a better artist, a better guitarist, better dancer, and a lot more. I don’t really know just how to fit them all in my schedule, since i focus a lot more on my chores and studies.

And, yet, i wonder how people actually live their every day lives playing online games with friends, or spending two, three, even four hours chatting with their special someone. I don’t know why people even do this? sure, it would give them a moment of happiness, but what would they get  a few years from now? A sick and tired of playing with game, and an ex girlfriend that just wished you have never met in the first place. But, i want something else. Something i can use even after i get out from college.

to get girls by getting better at serenading with the guitar?

to show off my drawings online?

to become a famous writer like J.K Rowling?

or just because.

Well, its my life. There are a lot i want to do before i reach the end. I can just play games in my free time, and my love life can wait.


Like the song from one direction like my sister likes to listen to, we should “live while we’re young!”


Trying blogging for the first time

Ok, so i have finally did it. The first step towards tomorrow.

I have made my very first post, on my very first blog.

I don’t know what to expect and all, but from what i have seen, most blogs were about random stuff i asked on google.

So, i thought to myself “Why can’t i make one as well?” And that’s how i came out with this blog.

let’s just get this straight. This blog will be (more or less) about life, stuff i like doing, stuff i hate doing, games, anime, and other stuff i like doing.

I hope i get to enjoy this 🙂